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Copper & Brass Tube/Tube Coil

Material Brass

A brass tube, a type of non-ferrous metal tube, is a pressed and drawn seamless tube.

The brass tube is light in weight, good in thermal conductivity and high in low temperature strength. Commonly used in the manufacture of heat exchange equipment, but also in the assembly of low temperature pipelines in oxygen production equipment. Copper tubes with small diameters are often used to transport pressurized liquids and pressure tubes used as meters. Brass pipes are sturdy and corrosion-resistant, making them the first choice for modern contractors in the installation of water pipes, heating and cooling pipes in all residential commercial buildings. Brass pipes are the best water supply pipe.

Applications of Brass Tube/Pipe:

1) Brass Tube/ Pipe for Condensers

2) Brass Tube/ Pipe for Radiators

3) Brass Tube/ Pipe for Bed ornaments

4) Brass Tube/ Pipe for Sanitation

5) Brass Tube/ Pipe for Heat exchange shells

6) Brass Tube/ Pipe for Distiller tubes

7) Brass Tube/ Pipe for Fastners